Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  Love is definitely in the air today.  Did you know that over 141 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged today making this the second most popular card sending holiday?  (Christmas is first in case you were wondering.)  Apparently it’s a big deal.  But who was this Saint Valentine?

Valentine's Day SweetheartsThere are several legends that contend to tell the story of Valentine. One legend describes him as a 3rd century priest.  During that time Emperor Claudius II decided that unmarried men made for better soldiers and put a ban on young men getting married.  Valentine saw this as a great injustice and continued to perform marriages in secret and often helped pass notes between couples.

Another legend says Valentine may have been killed for helping Christians of the time escape the harsh Roman prisons where beatings and torture were common.

And yet another legend says that Valentine was in prison and fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and before his death wrote her a note signed “From your Valentine”.

Whether any of these legends are absolute truth or not the fact remains that Valentine has long been a symbol of heroism, compassion and love.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I would list out a few things that I love.

  • I love my wife and kids
  • I love spicy food (although my stomach would argue against that)
  • I love taking photos
  • I love traveling
  • I love an ice cold beer on a hot day
  • I love flying downhill on a full suspension mountain and praying my tire doesn’t fall off
  • I love landing after a 16 hour International flight
  • I love the people and culture of Indonesia
  • I love my friends and family
  • I love being in Indonesia and waking up to the melodic sound of the morning call to prayer
  • I love watching my kids experience something exciting for the first time
  • I love climbing a mountain and enjoying the view from the top
  • I love backpacking into the middle of nowhere and falling asleep under the stars
  • I love a good campfire
  • I love calling in sick to work even when I’m not really sick
  • I love driving fast (except when I see flashing lights behind me)
  • I love the beauty of a classic car
  • I love fishing with my boys even when we don’t catch anything
  • I love getting airborne on an inner tube on a ski slope
  • I love finding $20 in my pocket that I didn’t know I had
  • I love falafel
  • I love that my wife puts up with me
  • I love paddling a kayak across a lake whose water is as smooth as glass
  • I love things that scare me to death but only after the fear has worn off
  • I love bacon
  • I love all four seasons equally, but Summer and Winter a bit more
  • I love waking up in a foreign country
  • I love buying fresh produce off the street
  • I love watching a volcano erupt…from a safe distance
  • I love watching the trails planes leave in the sky and wonder where they are going
  • I love the smell of fresh rainfall
  • I love my life (80% of the time)
  • I love the sound of crickets and frogs
  • I love drinking hot tea (green or black)
  • I love the taste of cold teh botel while sitting in an Indonesian Internet café
  • I love fresh ripe mango (well really any fresh ripe fruit)
  • I love durian (I really do!)
  • I love my wife and kids

My boys wanted to be included in this post so here are a few things that they love:

  • I love legos
  • I love playing Wii all day long
  • I love reading
  • I love riding bikes
  • I love hiking
  • I love going to the zoo

How about you? What are some things that you love? Go ahead, list them in the comments below.  You know you want to.

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