Meaning of Life

People search all their lives for the meaning of life.  They read books.  They find religion.  They go to school.  They take a sabbatical.  They commune with nature.  They seek the truth high and low.  Well today I uncovered the meaning of life on a bumper sticker of the car I was tailgating into work.

The Meaning of Life Is To LIVE It

So simple and yet so profound.  The meaning of life is to actually LIVE it.  Are you actually LIVING life?  What does it mean to live life? Isn’t anyone who is breathing living?  And how do you know if you are really living life?

I think the litmus test that answers these questions is – Are You Happy?  Are you truly happy with your life?  I’m not talking about the days when someone pissed you off and you got a case of the grumpies because of it and cursed and condemned the entire world before sinking into a self-pity party.  We all have those days.  I’m talking about are you genuinely happy and excited about your life, about what you do on a daily basis, about your future as a whole?  I’m talking big picture here.  Do your happy days far outnumber your grumpy days?

Each of us has to come to terms with the decisions we make on a daily basis that shape the course of our lives.  These decisions are heavily influenced by the people we associate with, the way we were brought up, our education, our belief system and a host of other factors.  But the decision is ultimately owned only by us.  So it would behoove us to make decisions that make US happy and allow us the ability to do the things we really enjoy doing.

Yes, I know we don’t live in a vacuum.  Each of us is surrounded by people we call friends, family or loved ones and the decisions we make affect them in different ways.  But ultimately this is your life and as selfish as it might sound you deserve to be happy.  I don’t think that being happy and having great relationships with loved ones are incompatible.  In fact I think you hit your sweet spot of life when you discover how to put all those pieces of the puzzle together.

Do what makes you happy and there you will find the true meaning of life.  Now get out there and LIVE!

A Dose of Inspiration

To get you inspired to take those steps to LIVE your life here are a few people who are out there LIVING it right now.

Tyler Tervooren recently climbed Mount Kilamanjaro on his quest to summit the highest peak on every continent.  He also climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia.

Drew Jacob is leaving a job that he absolutely loves to follow his dream of a self-propelled journey across two continents to meet the gods.

Michael Huffman left his cubicle in June to move to Bali and build an eco-house.

Jenny Blake author of Life After College quit a good paying gig at Google to pursue her own dreams of traveling while working on her speaking, coaching and writing career.

Kim and her husband Brian are in the process of selling their house and everything inside it so they can fulfill a dream of traveling the world.

The Common Thread

And what do all of these amazing people have in common?  They are all normal people just like you and I who made the decision to not accept what life hands them but to go out and actually LIVE life.  Just as that bumper sticker said, they have discovered that the meaning of life is to actually LIVE it.

What are you doing today to actually LIVE?

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