Stacking the deck with a Royal FlushWOW!!  Here it is November already.  Where did October go?  The days are quickly counting down until sabbatical departure time.   Sometimes I like the countdown clock in the sidebar and other times it’s just a reminder of how little time we have to implement big changes.

At the start of every new month I like to look back on the past month and see what I accomplished and what areas I need to work on a bit more.

October started off with a post on dual citizenship and the process we used to get dual citizenship for our kids.  They are now officially both US and Indonesian citizens and this will make a huge difference in our travels and stay in Indonesia.

Next up was 4 Reasons Why You Need a Sabbatical which included finding your purpose, health and rejuvenation, more family time and the ability to travel and experience the world.  Sonia Marsh of Gutsy Writer wrote a great post featuring this blog on Why Everyone Should Take a One Year Sabbatical.  She added a 5th reason which you can read about on her site.

Then I had a guest post on the wonderful and very talented Ashley Ambirge’s blog The Middle Finger Project where I talked about the challenge of overcoming fear and moving forward in your life.  Ash is running a great series every Tuesday called Fear, Exposed and there have been some very inspirational and motivation stories from some fantastic people like Nina Yau of Castles in the Air, Polly Davies, Jeffrey Luke and most recently Amy Bowman.  These are people who took a stand against their fears and changed their life.  If that sounds interesting head over to The Middle Finger Project and check out the series.  You won’t be disappointed.

Maybe you are already sold on the idea of taking a sabbatical but have no idea where to take one.  I wrote a post on Picking A Sabbatical Location where I talked about creating a list of everything you think you need on a daily basis and matching it up with locations you’ve always wanted to go.  It will take some research but in the end I believe the location will make itself very apparent.

I then talked about changing ones frame of mind from “I would like to…” to “I am going to…”.  It’s how we view things and think about things that to a large extent shape how we live our lives.  We don’t need to ask permission to do things; we can simply take action and actually do them.

Finally I ended the month with a series of posts that hopefully shined some light on who we are as a family.  It started with a post on how I met my wife and the risks I took and the fears I overcame to fly across the world to Indonesia, my first time overseas, and get married.  I wrote a 2 part series (Part 1 | Part 2) on our experience applying for a spousal visa at the US embassy in Indonesia and all the hoops we had to jump through and all the problems we had to overcome.  The bottom line is that good things come to those who persevere.

And I think that is what it really all comes down to.  Will you persevere, adapt and improvise in order to obtain your goals and dreams?  Will you stick it out, put in the hard work and reach for the stars?  If not then what is it you really expect out of life?

What’s Next

In my September roundup I said that I wanted to research some of our bigger questions like home schooling, medical insurance and shipping items overseas.  While I made some new contacts on the home school front and did some basic investigation on medical insurance I did not delve as deep into the subjects as I would have liked.  I’m hoping to do some more in-depth research into those in the coming months.  I definitely want to stack the deck in my favor moving forward.

I also mentioned that I was working on my photography business and launching a new sales page.  This did not happen although I did put some work into the new design and made a decision on a sales solution so while I did make some progress I didn’t implement as much as I had planned on.  And that is the way it goes sometimes when you’re working a full time job and trying to plan a sabbatical.  And as we approach the major holiday season I realize that time and resources are only going to become more stretched.  As this may be the last holiday season for awhile that we spend with family here in the US we really want to make the most of it and not get stressed out.

Thanks again for reading this blog and expressing an interest in our sabbatical.  Or maybe you just want a front row seat to a train wreck.  Either way I’m glad you are here.  I truly hope that our adventure will not only offer hope that world travel can be accomplished on a budget with kids but also offer up solutions to the many questions that come up when planning a sabbatical.  If you want to keep up on all the details make sure and sign up for the mailing list over in the sidebar.

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