Tegalalang Rice TerraceI like to do a lot of reading online.  Maybe I spend too much time browsing and grazing information when I should be doing other things like planning a sabbatical. The Internet can be an incredible resource tool and offer a wealth of information but it can also be a serious distraction that kills productivity.

The following is a list of 5 travel blogs that absolutely kill my productivity (in a good way).  This is by no means a complete list of the travel blogs that I enjoy reading and following but these are definitely 5 of my favorites.

Johnny Vagabond – Wes Nations

Wes is taking a low budget journey around the world and documenting the entire experience on his blog through both incredible commentary and beautiful photography.  What I love about Wes is that he offers up straight-from-the-heart incredibly detailed and often humorous stories of his adventures and often misadventures from every place he visits.  When you are done reading you feel like you were there with him the whole time.

He offers up many great travel tips and advice from his own personal experiences.  Check out his humorous post on squat toilet best practices (or how not to crap on your pants).  If you really want to split your gut though check out his Crazy Stories section which is just hilarious.

While on his journey Wes has taken some incredible photographs that have really captured the beauty of the places he’s visited.  He has a photo of the week section.  One of my favorites is of his experience in Pushkar India.

So far on his journey Wes has been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and as of this post, is currently in India.  I definitely recommend that you give Wes’s blog a look.  Give him a follow on Twitteras well (@JohnnyVagabond).

World Curious Traveler – Mary Richardson 

I discovered Mary’s blog after she left a comment on this blog.  Mary is a teacher and Peace Corp volunteer who has traveled to so many cool places.  She currently lives in Japan.  I love the title of her blog because I think it really describes how so many of us are – curious about the world.

Mary writes about her experiences in the many places she has traveled in such an intimate way that you really get a sense of what she was feeling at the time.  She really captures in her writings all the subtle details of the experience and I think it’s great that she is willing to share it all.  When I read this blog I really start to think about other cultures and how our differences are what actually bring us closer together through our curiosity of the unfamiliar.

Mary also offers up some really sound and helpful travel tips.  Her blog is a great forum to interact with other travelers and people just interested in exploring and learning more about the incredible world that we live in.  Some of my favorite posts are “Kyoto’s Blue Eyed Geisha”, Sushi Etiquette: Are You Breaking the Rules?” and “Delicious Tahitian Food”.

You can connect with Mary on World Curious Traveler and on Twitter@maryinjapan.

My Beautiful Adventures – Andi Perullo

When I first came upon Andi’s site and read that she was a Chinese medicine doctor I was definitely intrigued.  As a traveler she has visited 40 countries.  Recently she started posting a whole series on Cuba which has just been fascinating to read.  You can check the series out this series starting at Day 1 .

Here is what I really like about Andi.  She is not afraid to get out there and live life and experience it all to the fullest.  As a more introverted person I’ve found that when I travel I tend to hang back on the fringes and I think I miss out on a lot because of that, but Andi seems to be the opposite.  She gets out there and does her thing and it makes for some incredible stories and experiences.

If you want to read some incredible stuff about India and see some amazing photos go check out her archive on India.  I guarantee that you will enjoy it.

You can check Andi out on My Beautiful Adventures and on Twitter@AndiPerullo

Married With Luggage – Warren and Betsy Talbot

Warren and Betsy are a husband and wife team that just recently (39 days as of this post) began a 3 year around the world super adventure.  They are currently experiencing life in Ecuador.  In many ways I really connect with Warren and Betsy.  If you read their “About Us” page you find that they realized one day that there is more to life than working crazy hours, filling a house full of stuff and only dreaming about things you want to do.

So they decided to change their lives and went frugal, saved up a bunch of money and planned out an incredible 3 year adventure.  Their site has been so useful for me as we plan our own escape.  What I really like is that they offer up really useful tips for changing your lifestyle so you can prepare yourself financially for taking an around the world trip or even a 1 year sabbatical.  Check out this great post on purging your belongings.  It’s all great advice even if you are not planning an extended trip overseas.  Their most recent post details their monthly expenses for the month of October in Ecuador.

Head over and check them out and follow their adventure.  Click on the “new here?” link first as that page holds everything you want to know about Warren and Betsy.  So check out Married with Luggage and follow them on Twitter@betsytalbot

Where is Jenny? – Jenny Leonard

Jenny is doing some incredible things.  She’s about to embark on an around the world adventure (only 44 days until departure) and just went through the ordeal of selling everything.  I find her blog interesting for a number of reasons; first she will be traveling and second she is going through many of the same things that we will be going through as we prepare to dismantle our life here in the US and prepare for a life in Indonesia.  Plus I just like the fact that she skates.  I think that is so cool.

I also like that she is an entrepreneur and working hard to create a location independent lifestyle for herself.  It’s been fun and interesting to watch her prepare for this adventure

You can learn more about Jenny and her adventures at Where is Jenny? And follow her on Twitter @whereisjenny

What Are Your Favorite Travel Blogs?

So these are 5 of my favorite travel blogs that I think you should be reading.  I’ve gained so much knowledge, advice and entertainment from these people and I hope you will as well.  Of course these are not the only good travel blogs out there.  I’m encouraged by all the people that are escaping the confinement of their fear box and getting out there and experiencing this great world of ours.

Have your own list of travel blogs that you think people should be reading? Post them below!  I’d love to see what others are doing and reading.

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