Thanks for checking out the products page.  Every product below is one that I have personally used, enjoyed, found value in and fully endorse.  The links below are all affiliate links which means if you purchase any of the items you will be supporting this site and our sabbatical mission.  We definitely appreciate any and all support.  If you have any questions about any of the products or want to hear more about my experience with them I would love to answer your questions.

Location Rebel

Work From AnywhereHave you ever had the dream of being your own boss, maybe working poolside or in some tropical location?  Sure, we’ve all had that dream at one time or another.  But if you are like me you probably dismissed it as impossible or something only the smart and lucky could obtain.  The thing is it’s totally not true.  Anyone can obtain the things they really want to do if they are willing to apply some elbow-grease and hard work.  But where do you start?  How do you get the ball rolling?  This is where Location Rebel comes in.  Like a ray of sunlight shooting through the dark clouds of your life Location Rebel is a program that provides the resources and helps you build the foundation upon which you can grow your own business.

Some of the key aspects of the program are:

  • 9 Modules of awesome content covering all of the things you need to know and learn in order to start your own lifestyle business
  • 8 (with more added all the time) in depth interviews with successful location independent entrepreneurs that will teach you how to get started making $1000/month within three months of starting the course with elbow grease and hard work
  • 8 simple, step-by-step business blueprints you can copy and paste to start generating income with skills like:  SEO, copywriting, web development, design & advertising, project management and more… (Even if you have no prior experience in any of the areas.)
  • Access to discussion forums to connect, share and learn from your peers who are going through the same transition as you and dealing with the same issues and questions.  It’s been an incredible forum to be a part of so far.

I’ve been a part of Location Rebel since the very beginning.  In fact I’m actually a case study.  I love it and it’s done more to advance my own business endeavors than anything else I’ve been involved with.  The entrepreneur blueprints come straight from people that have made their businesses thrive.  There is an insane amount of information and resources in the program and the skills that you will build all play off and complement each other.  And there is a very active and supportive forum that is just awesome.

A few weeks after I started the program I started building my SEO consulting website and started telling everyone I knew what I was doing.  A few days later I landed my first client.  I couldn’t have done it without Location Rebel.  I really believe in this program because I’ve experienced how it works.  If you are looking to change your life, be your own boss and free up your time to do the things you really want to be doing then you owe it to yourself to check out Location Rebel.

Build a Business, Achieve Freedom, Become a Rebel

Frequent Flyer Master

Frequent Flyer MasterWhen I purchased Frequent Flyer Master I really wasn’t expecting much.  At the most I was hoping to get a better insight and understanding of how frequent flyer miles programs work and maybe a few secrets.  I was really surprised with what was inside.  First, let me say that using only a few of the techniques in the guide (mainly using rewards credit cards) I was able to generate 60,000 frequent flyer miles in 3 months.  Now almost a year later I am over 100,000 miles and I have yet to step foot on a plane.  And this is just maximizing the rewards programs on credit cards.  This guide gives you all the details on what cards have the best programs and how to use the programs and not get used by them.  The program guarantees you ‘One-Free-Plane-Ticket’.  That alone is worth the price of admission.  The real cool thing is that you get free updates.  I’ve received several emails regarding opportunities to cash in on getting even more miles.

What I think is really valuable in this product is the section on how to actually redeem your miles.  It’s always been confusing to me on how to do this and get the most bang for your miles.  We’re planning to redeem our miles to help pay for our sabbatical to Indonesia.  The guide has plenty of tactics and helpful advice to make the redeeming process go your way.  Here is what you get:

  • A detailed 40 page travel hacking manual
  • A 20 minute audio download that covers strategies and mileage earning and redeeming tactics
  • A 4 part report on Priceline Booking Strategies (I used the strategies in this booklet to get a sweet deal on a hotel in downtown San Francisco for a week and saved us a bundle of money)
  • At least 6 free updates with additional travel hacking opportunities

If you are looking to maximize your frequent flyer miles program or interested in learning more about how they work and how you can take advantage of them then this guide is for you.

Art & Money

Unconventional Guide to Art and MoneyOne thing I have always wanted to do was to try and make a living from of my photography. I love photography so I figured why not try and turn my passion into something that makes a little side income.  What I found was that while I was good at taking photos I wasn’t so hot at the business side of things.  It’s not as easy as just posting a few images on a website or joining a stock photography agency.  So I was really interested in seeing what Art & Money was all about.  What I found were solid advice from artists about how to represent myself, build a customer base and sell images.

There are really 3 main parts to this e-book: Strategy, Tactics and Putting it all together.  Using examples and case studies this guide shows you the multitude of options that are out there for artists of all media forms to market themselves and be successful.  Here are a few things that this guide teaches:

  • Help you to figure out your priorities and map out a long term plan of action
  • How to set prices that value your work and yet still cater to a wide range of buyers
  • How to draw new and unique customers by making personal connections with people
  • Ideas for creating work that can be sold again and again
  • How to expand your online presence without becoming overwhelmed.

This guide has been instrumental in helping me plan how I want to run and build my photography business.  I received great advice on where to sell my photos, how to market them and how to build a following with social media.  This guide is not just for photographers or artists selling physical products.  It’s also useful for artists selling digital media.  This is a guide that I refer to all the time as I keep building my business.  It’s not a step by step guide on how to build a business but rather a guide for those that are passionate about their art and willing to work hard and take risks. You can get the guide here.

Working For Yourself Guide

Working for Yourself GuideI think everyone has a dream to be their own boss, to break out of the cubicle and be able to work whenever and wherever they want.  I know that has always been my dream.  But the big question has always been how do you do it?  How do you make that leap of faith?  This guide is all about helping you create your own very small business.  I purchased this along with the Art & Money guide and together they offer a very nice package on tips and advice on how to get your own small business off the ground.
Again, this guide offers strategies and tactics to help you plan out and launch your own business.  It goes into areas like consulting and freelancing, blogging, creating and selling information products, making money via eBay, building your own photography business, membership sites, affiliates and so much more.  I’ve refer to this guide quite a bit when building my photography business.

Here is what you get when you purchase this guide:

  • 53 page guide with strategic and tactical information on starting your own very small business
  • 3 25-minute MP3 audio teaching sessions
  • 26 pages of SEO (search engine optimization) tips
  • Free updates for at least 6 months

I use this in conjunction with the Art & Money guide and have found the information to be incredibly useful as I’ve been putting by photography business together.  Pair this with the Empire Building Kit and you’ll be unstoppable.

Empire Building Kit

Empire Building Kit

I almost didn’t purchase this because frankly it’s a lot of money.  But I am honestly glad that I did.  First, if you are serious about starting and running your own very small business you have to look at this purchase as an investment in the future of your empire.  I’ve found it to be a really good investment because it’s offered up so many important details and pieces of information that I probably wouldn’t have gotten on my own.

There are 3 tiers of product.  I purchased the Emperor-in-Training tier but there is also the Hail, Caesar and Alexander The Great tiers as well which offer even more information and value. I chose the Emperor-in-Training at the time because that was what I could afford.  Here is what you get with the Emperor-in-Training:

  • 10 PDF Case Studies which are interviews with other lifestyle entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries.  These are complete with financial details.
  • 5 Video Interviews with successful emperors describing how they built their business and issues they had and how they resolved them.
  • The 365 day series of tasks which will show you what to do first, what to do next, and what you can successfully ignore.

This last one is the gold in this product.  Every day for an entire year you will receive an email with information and a specific actionable task for you to take or think about.  You can spend all your time planning to start a business but if you don’t take action you are not going to get very far.  This email a day helps keep you focused and on task with what it really important.  It’s like having your own personal coach to guide you along.  And that is exactly what it is.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • Which business ideas are most likley to succeed
  • What are the most important steps to take
  • How to dramatically increase profits
  • How to create a soft-sell environment
  • How to do all of this without burning out

Every day I look forward to getting that email and find out what I can do to keep building my empire.

Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty

My good friend Sean Ogle of Location 180 was gracious enough to give me a preview copy of this membership product that he launched late last year.  It’s all about guiding you through overcoming the fears that hold you back from living a life you really desire.  This program reall packs a lot of value and Sean has spent countless hours of work on it and continue to update it on a regular basis.

Now this isn’t a guide that you download and read over and forget about a few months later.  This is a membership site where you have the opportunity to interact with others who are also wanting to make a difference in their life to overcome uncertainty and raise the bar.

Here is what you get when you sign up for the program:

  • 15,000 word guide detailing how to overcome your fear of uncertainty and take action
  • Tools for crafting a remote work agreement, take advantage of geoarbitrage, get your financial life in order
  • Tips on starting a business
  • A guide for getting your financial life in order with a PDF on using
  • A comprehensive PDF guide to starting a blog with advanced tactics for taking it to the next level
  • 5 interviews with some of the best freedom hackers; people like Chris Guillebeau, Pam Slim, Cody McKibben, Adam Baker and Dan Andrews!
  • You also get worksheets to help outline and plan out your goals
  • Weekly and Quarterly review sheets to help you make sure you are staying on track
  • A remote work agreement template
  • FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! That means more resources, more interview and more content.

I really enjoyed this course and it helped me to better define my goal of taking this 1 year sabbatical.  Check it out and see if it might be just waht you’ve been looking for to spark your dreams alive.

Thesis Theme for WordPress

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.WordPress is without a doubt the premier blogging platform in the world.  It just keeps getting better with every release.  Add Thesis on top of that and you’ve got a killer combination that is hard to beat.  There is plenty that I like about Thesis and a few things that surprised me.  First, I like the configuration options that Thesis has which allow you to make basic changes to your blog design without having to code.  It really does offer you a lot of control over your site.  Change your layout, fonts, colors etc. all without writing any code. It’s basically point and click design.  You also get great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and capability.

What did surprise me was that to do more complex things you do need to know some CSS coding.  I originally envisioned Thesis as this easy to use WordPress template with a ton of features and options.  It is that but many things require inserting code to get them to work.  However, despite this there is an incredible support system in place with an active forum of users ready to help.  There hasn’t been anything that I wanted to do with my site that I wasn’t able to find an answer and code for on the forums.  That alone is worth the cost to me.  I can’t imagine using anything else.

1 AND 1 Web Hosting Service

BannerI’ve been with 1&1 now for several years and love it.  For me it’s a great hosting service offering incredible value.  They offer services for both Linux or Windows hosting.  They have several tiers of service based on your needs.  Their user Control Panel is really easy to use for creating databases, email accounts, ftp access or adding more domains to your account.  For me their service has worked out well.

Photography is my passion and I am excited to be able to display my work online and offer it up for sale.  Each sale of a print helps us reach our sabbatical goal and gives you an incredible print that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  I’ll continuously be adding new images so if you don’t see something that catches your eye come back later and see what is new.  You can also check out the blog at