Our sabbatical falls squarely in the middle of musim hujan or the wet season here in Indonesia.  In Oregon we have 4 season; fall (wet) winter (wet and cold), spring (warming up) and summer (warm to hot).  Notice that there are distinct changes in temperature throughout the seasons.

In Indonesia there are two seasons; wet and dry.  Both dish out consistently warm temperatures.  For example, even with this being the wet season (musim hujan) we are still experiencing temperatures in the 80’s (26C) and 90’s (32C) during the day.  It’s hot and it’s humid.

Most mornings we have been waking up earlier than usual (despite some late nights) and are treated to cooler temperatures and sunny skies.

But as the day progresses and the afternoon grows long the thunderheads move in and the sky darkens.  The clouds are at times so dark that you can almost see the rain bunched up inside of them.

As they march across the sky they are quickly accompanied with the sound of long volleys of thunder and frequent flashes of lightning across the sky.  It’s amazing to me the longevity of the thunder that is produced.

It goes on for a minute or more at times and traverses the sky from horizon to horizon.

Then the sky opens up and the rain begins to fall.  It is intense at times coming down so fast and hard that you can’t see through it.  A seemingly innocent sprint just a short distance will leave you completely soaked.

Since the city is mainly concrete and the water disbursement is inadequate the rain has nowhere to go but down the path of least resistance which is often the streets.

In many areas the water quickly becomes a foot or more deep as cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles becak’s and pedestrians make their way slowly through the cascading water.

We took this short video of our drive back from the mall.  We had only been inside the mall for and hour or so and came out to find it had been pouring rain.

Traffic was backed up as cars plowed carefully into pools and rapids of water of unknown depth.

I actually like the thunderstorms.  I love that fresh smell after the rain.

I love the flashes of lightning followed by the anticipation of when the thunder will follow and how loud and long it will be.

I love the soothing sound of the raindrops as they splatter on the broad leaves of a banana tree.

And when you can sit out on the patio in shorts and enjoy natures show it’s just an added bonus.

Written from Bandung Indonesia

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