Don’t Hide From Your Fears

When I look back on our decision to proceed with planning and implementing our 1 year sabbatical I had a lot of reservations and fears.  I mean seriously it’s a big decision to pick up stakes and move around the world with your kids.  I’ve got lots of questions and concerns spinning around in my head and despite 10 months to go before our departure the time seems really short to answer all of them.

To make matters even more stressful we’ve got pressure from family and friends that just don’t understand why we want to do something so reckless and crazy.  What about your job?  How are you going to save for retirement?  Where will the kids go to school?  You’re joking right?  I guess I can’t really blame them for not “getting” it.  When you are happy with your own situation often other situations seem off center.  Plus people who love you only want what they feel is best for you.

But there are plenty of people out there that do get it.  One of those is my good friend Sean Ogle of Location 180.  Sean was one of the first people I talked to about our plans for taking a sabbatical.  You see Sean has done it.  He’s been there.  He left his desk job, moved to Thailand and created a great life for himself.  It was the life he wanted all along.  He overcame the fear of uncertainty and decided to take a risk and go for and it seems to be paying off.

Last week Sean launched his “Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty” program.  Sean was gracious enough to let me preview what he put together and I have to say I was very impressed.  He’s got detailed worksheets to help you figure out what your fears really are and then moves you into defining your long term goals; the things you really want and then takes you step by step through outlining definitive action steps you can take today to overcome the fear and start realizing your true potential.

If you are like me and struggle with overcoming fear; if your insecurities and self-doubt have held you back from doing the things you really want to be doing then this program may be exactly what you need.  Here is what Sean included with this program:

  • 15,000 word guide with details on how to overcome your fear and take control of your life
  • Tools for crafting a remote work agreement
  • How to take advantage of geo-arbitrage
  • A 7,000 word guide to using the FREE tools (this is worth the price right here). I have not used yet but after reading this guide I can see how useful it can be in monitoring your finances, planning your budget and sticking with it.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog – one of the best things I did to help face my fears was to start a blog.  Somehow having public accountability for your goals makes a huge difference.  This guide tells you all the good stuff on how to do it.
  • Five awesome interviews with big names like Chris Guillebeau, best-selling author of “The Art of Non-Conformity”; Pam Slim, author of “Escape From Cubicle Nation”; digital nomad Cody McKibben; Adam Baker of Man vs. Debt; and outsourcing expert Dan Andrews.
  • And so much more…Sean has even more content to add over time and you’ll get access to all of it because you’ll receive free lifetime updates.

I want to be completely transparent here regarding this product.  This is the first product that I have reviewed on this site and I want to clearly point out that Sean is a friend of mine and I received a preview of this product.  I’m happy to plug this program because I like it and feel it made a difference for me personally in the way I address my fears.  There are absolutely no affiliate links in this post and I stand nothing to gain from this except the satisfaction of furthering Sean’s goals of helping people overcome their fears.  For me it was an extremely helpful program and I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.  I believe that it could do the same for you.  So if it sounds intriguing head on over to “Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty” and check it out for yourself.  This program won’t make decisions for you but what it does do is give you the tools to think clearly about your fears and make rational decisions for yourself.

If this article didn’t float your boat no worries. I’ve got a great post lined up for Thursday that I think you’ll enjoy.

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