Sabbatical 2.0

His index finger hovered over the mouse button just as it had so many times before.  It quivered a bit dropping down to touch the cool plastic button but never with enough pressure to actually click it.

Moments passed as he stared at the screen.  Time seemed to go in slow motion.  His resolve wavered and slowly his mouse moved to close the page with the click of a red X.

It was the same tired scenario that had been played out on countless occasions.  Go to website, enter dates, search availability, make a selection, confirm selection, enter purchasing information and then hover over the purchase button with heart pounding, palms sweaty and a nervous twitch in index finger.  Finally click the red ‘X’, close the page, move on and try and forget.

What would it take to finally make a decision?  What would it take to make a change?

Again the process played out the same, nothing new just a different day.  But this time things seemed different.

This time there was a bit more courage.

This time the pain of not doing something was more than the pain of doing something.

This time it had to happen.

Enter website URL.

Enter dates.

Search availability.

Make selection.

Confirm selection.

Enter purchasing information.

Hover mouse pointer over purchase button.

Heart is now pounding, he feels light headed.  Total freak out coming in 3…2…1.


It’s done.  Heart is still racing.  It’s done.

Enter Sabbatical 2.0.

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