#1 Way to Achieve Your DreamsWhat is the #1 thing you can do to achieve your dreams?  It’s not making a lot of money.  It’s not being super smart; although I personally think being street smart helps.  It’s not being lucky; although if you are lucky and want to throw a few lotto numbers my way I’d be grateful.   No, the number one thing you can do to reach your dreams and do great things is to stay healthy.

OK, before you click away to the sports scores on ESPN, or Google the best micro-brew indulge me for a few more paragraphs and I’ll explain.  For the past two months I’ve suffered with a ruptured disc in my lower back.  The disk bulged and decided to rest on my sciatic nerve which caused intense and often debilitating pain that would shoot down my left leg.  It was painful in any position and I was never comfortable.

I had this same identical issue nine years ago and at that time I ended up having lower back surgery.  While I had insurance it was still expensive with co-pays and deductibles to consider.  This time however I didn’t want to repeat the surgery (ironically it is the exact same disc with the problem) so I chose physical therapy which seems to be working wonders at this point.  I’m confident that maintaining the exercises on a daily basis will bring about a full cure.

The main point I want to make is that our health is extremely important in allowing us to do the things we really want to do.  When I was suffering from the chronic pain of a ruptured disc I was extremely limited in the things that I could do.  I couldn’t run or even walk without pain.  Sitting caused pain. Even lying down was painful.  As anyone who has suffered from chronic pain knows when you are in pain your thoughts and energy go toward thinking about and trying to remediate that pain. It’s the primary thing that is always on your mind.  You can’t concentrate on anything else which includes making your dreams happen.

Stay Healthy, Avoid an Early Grave

So what is the best way we can keep ourselves healthy?  Maintain a healthy diet and program of exercise.  Are you working out every day?  Are you eating the right mix of foods that include at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables?  What we put into our bodies really does say a lot about how our bodies perform.

Some benefits of making your health your top priority are:

  1. More energy to do what you need to do.  Find yourself drained at the end of the day and end up putting off working on your dreams?  Maybe you just need to eat more energy rich foods.  Try it and I bet you feel better and full of energy.
  2. You will be able to live your dreams much longer if you live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s inevitable that as we age our bodies don’t perform like they did when we were 20.  But we can prolong our performance by exercising and eating the right foods.  Staying active really will keep you younger longer.
  3. You’ll have more money to live your dreams. The healthier you are the less time you will spend at the doctor’s office and if you live in the US you know how expensive that has become.  And as nice as your doctor may be you’d much rather be spending that time and money elsewhere.  Don’t make the insurance companies rich, live healthy and make yourself rich.

As I plan and prepare for this sabbatical overseas I can’t help but think about my health and the health of my family.  I’m not as young as I once was and I’ve definitely noticed that my body doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it once did.  A simple pick-up game of basketball leaves me sore and achy for a few days whereas in my younger years I wouldn’t have felt a thing.  More than at any time of my life I am aware of my physical limitations and the need to eat and live healthy.  Want to live your dreams? Live healthy!

One site on living healthy that I really enjoy and find so informational is Healthy Lifestyle Design by Matt Gartland.  Check it out!

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